Sores On Head that Won’t Heal

We hear from a lot of people that have these scalp sores that won’t heal and seem to lingerie. This is for two reasons. The cause of the sore is bacteria, fungus and excess scalp oils for most. This means that your scalp is out of balance. The very first thing that you should do is deep cleanse your hair follicles. This is done with Zincplex brand shampoo. Special herbs are used to break down years of build up at the hair follicle that trap the bacteria and fungus and actually allow them to hide. The other natural based main ingredient is zinc pca. This ingredient is proven to be anti fungal, anti bacterial and prevents the scalp from making too much sebum! This alone will make a big difference and offers long term solutions. Order products here!~

They Won’t Go Away? Here’s How!

For the sores that won’t go away we also suggest that along with the entire Zincplex kit that you also watch your diet for about 5 days. Limit sugars including fruit sugars as well as excess milk and also fried foods. For most people these will cause the flairs. You may have to cut out the white sugar and fruit sugar until the sores are gone. With milk and fried foods you will have to cut back as well but not totally out – typically this is the case. This will allow Zincplex to work much faster on your symptoms.

Expect full symptom relief when you use Zincplex along with a diet that is related to the advice above. Once you get symptom relief then simply start to add these back into your diet. Note that we are not saying that these are allergic reactions. So if you add to much and get a break out or flair then simply cut back down again and use Zincplex. The results are best from Zincplex products when you allow them to work over time. Use for at least 2 months for the best results. You can then use only as needed! Some people make it their primary shampoo! You can order here.

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