Does Candida or Yeast Cause Hair & Head Problems?

Without a doubt! But don’t get upset. There are answers. Whenever the body gets out of balance there are problems. When you have too little probiotics in your stomach you get yeast or candidia overgrowth. The scalp is the same except the probiotics are the are actually zinc levels in the scalp. The skin has high levels of zinc to ward off bacteria and fungus. When the scalp levels of zinc fall or if the bacteria, fungus, candidia or yeast is allowed to build up in the hair follicle then problems can occur. Years of product build up allow these to hide deep inside the hair follicles. So what can you do?

The answer is to deep cleanse the follicle and rebuild the balance back into the skin by correcting the ph, removing the build up and eradicating excess fungus and bacteria. There is only one set of ingredients that we feel does this well and they are in the ZincPlex brand of shampoos. The herbs breakdown build up while the Zinc pca kills and eradicates the fungus and bacteria like no other ingredient that we know of actually can!

Definitely try the Zincplex family of products if you are having any of these scalp issues. They are herbal and zinc based and are consistently voted the top solution for these problems!