Here You Will Find Frequently Asked Questions and Answers!

Where can I buy Zincplex products?
You can buy here from our order page. Or there are several sites online – the official site is www.zincplex.com

Why Is This Product Effective?
When the zinc and the herbs are combined they do what no other products on the market do. 1st they penetrate deep into the hair follicle where the dirt, build up, sticky bacteria and fungus hide. The hair follicle makes for the perfect hiding ground against most hair products and shampoos. However, these herbs literally melt away the sticky sebum that holds the dirt and bacteria. This allows for the flushing of the grime and other junk from the hair follicle. THIS IS A VITAL 1ST Step to eliminating symptoms!

Step 2 The second step comes with the conditioner and scalp treatment. The zinc that is used is designed to kill any excess bacteria and fungus. However, it does this naturally and without any harsh chemical anti fungal agents. The zinc also removes the excess scalp oils which are the food source of the bacteria and fungus.

What Causes The Actual Scalp Sores?
In our opinion it is always the excess bacteria and fungus that accumulate in the hair follicle. This is the perfect place for them to hide and avoid traditional shampoos and cleansers. The result is when the medical community places terms on your condition like seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff, psoriasis and eczema. However, we believe that if you bring your scalp back to good health then your symptoms will diminish drastically.

Can Scalp Or Head Sores Return?
Absolutely! However, know that this is a signal that your scalp ha become unhealthy again. Some people are prone to this. Simply use the products to get your ph correct, deep cleanse and eradicate. This will eliminate the symptoms associated with flair ups.

Have You Personally Ever Used The Products?
OH YES! They changed my life. I had been trying everything for nearly 20 years and nothing gave me lasting visible results. These products were a God Send for me. Literally 15 days after I started using them my problem was 90% under control and within a month the scalp sores that I had from seborrheic dermatitis (Really bad dandruff) were gone!

What Else Is Zincplex Good For?
Dandruff, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Severe Dandruff and Itching, Flaking, Bumps, Build Up and even hair thinning to name a few (zinc pc is one of the best dht blockers there is)

Is Zincplex Good For Women and Men?
Yes, it deep cleanses and restores balance which is good one women and men of all ages!

Are There Side Effects To The Herbal And Zinc Product?
None that I know of. I still use the products to combat any flair ups that I might have! I have not ever had any side effects. By the way these are also great for oily or greasy scalp and hair!

Are Steroids Good Treatments?
When it comes to over the counter shampoos and steroids prescribed by doctors I do not feel that they are good long term solutions Especially the steroids as they can cause long term damage. That is one of the main things that I love about these hair products is that they are herbal and mineral based!

Do You Have To Have A Doctors Prescription?
No, these are bought online or some healthy food stores! It is a shame that they are not sold in drug stores but the manufacturers do not wan to market this way!

See why these products have the best reviews and are ranked at the very top as the most effective treatments to use. There are no side effects when you use herbal and natural based products.

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