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When it comes to scalp sores it is hard to find a product that is directly just for the sores themselves. This is because they are caused by many different conditions. But read on and you will see that are the most in depth site – we answer the questions about symptoms, treatments, natural remedies, doctors guidelines and how to so that you can end this and other scalp symptoms – even if you have had the problems for years!

natural hair care products and treamtentsYour hair is your crowing glory and your scalp is the soild (so to speak) for your hair to grow in! If the scalp is not healthy then odds are that the hair will not grow healthy or grow properly. Many of the typical hair problems such as slow growth, hair breakage, dry, overly oil and many more hair problems are due to scalp problems.

What Causes Scalp Sores?
This simple question actually has a complex answer if you ask a doctor. They will tell you it could be seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, severe dandruff also called seborrhea, anxiety and many other problems. And while all of these are correct we have found that there is a common denominator with all of these conditions. Read below!


What is The Common Denominator With Head Sores?
4 things: Low Levels of Zinc in the scalp, Clogged and Bacteria Filled Hair Follicles, Very Low Circulation Levels, Too High of a PH level in the Delicate Scalp Skin.

Let me address each one:
1) Low Levels of Zinc – inside our skin we have naturally high levels of zinc. This is because zinc does many different things with the main thing being that it is a natural anti bacterial agent and a natural anti fungal agent. Daily our skin is bombarded with bacteria and fungi. If you have low levels of zinc then these foreign invaders break  down the scalp’s defenses and thin out the outter layer of protection. (8 our of 10 scalp problems are caused by bacteria or fungus overgrowth)

Solution: topical zinc – the best form is called zinc pca

2)  Hair Follicle Contamination – when the sticky hair product residue, sticky sebum and similar are present they literally pull in dirt and grime from the air – pollution etc! The result is a hair follicle that starts to become toxic and filled with hardened sebum sticky hair product residue and debris. It becomes the perfect breeding and hiding ground for bacteria and fungus. The logical result is to shampoo to cleanse it away. The problem is that there are only a handful of products on the market that can deep cleanse the hair follicle and root system.

Solution: Root Cleanser System & Follicle Irrigation Products

3) Very Low Circulation – the hair follicles are fed by very small, minute capillaries. When the inside of the hair follicle in clogged with dirt, debris, dht and similar items the circulation deteriorates greatly! By deep cleansing and removing obstacles as well as using herbal stimulants you can great increase circulation.

Solution: Deep Cleanse The Hair Follicle & Use Herbal Stimulants Like Ivy & Burdock

4) High PH – most shampoo manufacturers make their conditioner and hair products a ph neutral. This means PH of 7. This is incredibly damaging to the scalp’s defense system. The scalp’s defense system needs a ph below 5. Think of the stomach. The acids are used to kill bacteria and fungus so that it cannot enter the entire system to make you sick.

Bacteria and Fungus quickly die when placed in environments with a low ph. Your scalp should be this way. The products that you use should be above 5.5 and at the highest a 6.2 ph.

Solution: Use Hair Products That Have a Ph of 6.2 or lower.

Which Products? Definitely Zinc PCA Products!

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